ergoINDEX - Brushset Bundle! [Complete Procreate Edition] + lifetime updates!

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Ergo Index is the ultimate culmination of my custom Procreate Brushes! This set includes 40 custom brushes used by over 13,000 other artists to date. 

UPDATE3: This bundle now includes the pre-released ergoCHROMA pack!

UPDATE2: This bundle now includes the ergoREDUX pack!

UPDATE: Ergoindex Version 2.0 Is out! I have removed a few brushes that I no longer use often, you still have access to both versions with your purchase! I have also decided to include a few of the default brushes so that you don't have to go looking for them. (and you will have any of the little tweaks I have done to them as well)

These are the brushes I use 95% of the time when I am painting in Procreate, along with a few other custom brushes from other amazing creators. 

The biggest criticism of Procreate is it's often difficult to manage blending engine. Since blending is a key part to my process, I have done my absolute best to create multiple brushes that can simulate my favorite desktop experience in other programs such as Clip Studio Paint. As of my latest illustrations, this now includes brushes that emulate semi-traditional mediums such as pencil and oil on canvas.  

This set will be constantly updated as I find tweaks, and add new brushes! All you have to do is make sure to provide a valid email at purchase to be notified of future updates! 

What's Included:

  • 11+ Painting Brushes - These are my newest brushes tuned for painting in color! All based on my own personal color theory based on a single number: 3
  • 11 Hair Brushes - Understanding the basic forms is crucial for hair, but some forms are too complex & repetitive to convey without effective brushes. Now includes an eyelash brush!
  • 4 Skin Brushes - My favorite thing to paint is skin, and these brushes, combined with the texture ones can create incredible realism. 
  • 7 Texture Brushes - If an area looks dull or needs some fidelity, or you just need a brush to give you ideas, you can use these to add some crisp texture to your work!
  • 9 Sketch Brushes - Including my famous pen pencil brush to replicate realistic pencil behavior. 
  • BONUS 1 - 3 .procreate files including layers, full res PNG's & timelapse footage!

BONUS 2 - 2 Head Angle Reference Sheets to take the stress out of drawing faces at any angle!

**This set is absolutely not available for resale unless written consent is provided from ergojosh llc.**

Copyright Ergojosh LLC.

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You'll get a procreate .brushset file containing 50 custom Procreate brushes!

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ergoINDEX - Brushset Bundle! [Complete Procreate Edition] + lifetime updates!

64 ratings
I want this!