ErgoBasics Clip Studio Paint Brush Pack!

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ErgoBasics Clip Studio Paint Brush Pack!

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Just the basics you need to get started Sketching, Drawing, and Painting in Clip Studio Paint!

These are the main brushes I use in CSP for nearly everything I do. These include sketching/drawing/painting/ and blending at the same time.

CSP is a unique software that I always prefer for making lineart, and detailed yet creamy/smooth paintings due to the vector layers (that these brushes work with) and amazing painting engine that you will see demonstrated in the tutorial.

Many of them work similar to the ones featured in my Photoshop & Procreate brushset. Please refer to the included video to learn how to best use each brush, that way you can start off drawing/painting without a hitch!

You will get:

  • (1) .zip file containing each of the (12) brushes as a .sut file! (simply drag and drop these into CSP on your desktop and/or laptop!
  • (1) .clip file of the example artwork with ALL the layers!
  • (1) 4K video tutorial of me explaining how to use each brush, with examples and references.

How to install:

For desktop & laptop (PC & Windows)

  • Simply drag & drop each .sut file into the desired menu in the brushes panel once Clip Studio Paint is open.

For iPad

  • Method 1:
  • Method 2: Download the brushes to your files app, then simply tap on them and CSP will import the brushes!


All rights reserved.

This product is not allowed for resale / distribution under any circumstances without the explicit, written consent of ergojosh LLC. You are permitted to use this product for personal use only, as an individual. 

I want this!

12 Brushes, Example Artwork, and a Video Tutorial!


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